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          2. Overall solution

            Print quality designer Control
            If the designer of the printed product quality meets expectations confused, then you need to print more detailed design of serious concern and really develop their own quality control capabilities. For example, you can from the following aspects:
            Creative design and technology policy
            Your design from the initial stage of product quality has become a sure idea, when you need to make the program print to give confidence and support from print providers and designers in the past experience, you know, any of the ideas are not just in front of a computer screen for granted, especially in the design of complex multi-process, please keep in mind every concern graphics, and a constant reminder of your design team saying:. "details determine success or failure"
            Output and platemaking
            Internet network is very convenient, but you can not entrust all using the company's online QQ or plate output system allows designers to save a lot of time, or has reason to suspect that you may lose your network is part of the file, even if only a little damage to the file, perhaps It will result in the loss regrettable, timely use of U disk or removable hard disk will have a similar situation occurs, the best way is to telephone the plate in front of your company is about to file processing, check your work, the only way quality control It is worthy of the name.
            Staring printing suppliers
            Each designer has its ups and downs between print suppliers and experience of cooperation, responsible partner if you have a long-term cooperation, so that you really want to congratulate. Facts have proved that many print providers will not allow designers to fully assured, therefore, it is recommended to get along between frank, detailed communication, the need for printing processes patiently explain the details of the agreement detailed agreement it is of course essential, on after printing machine, staring proofs to timely correction inks, color and process to ensure the quality of production.
            Learn more ink printing support and knowledge
            In addition to paper printing support, as well as fabrics, metals, plastic films, wooden materials, etc., can be used without a carrier different printing methods, effects are ever-changing, the same printing support have different brands, types and characteristics, for example, the most common coated and matte paper, there are several types of domestic and imported as much as a paper which is more suitable for the performance of your design? Similarly, the quality of the ink has a direct impact on the finished print, good ink in the color reproduction and imaging levels certainly better.
            Prepare and check printing, after step
            Many parts of this booklet printing, after discussing with the technical and practical examples of relevant processes, designers often ignore the details because, after the printing process and the finished disappointed. For example, when you are not sure of the spine thickness of hardcover books, whether to allow print providers to provide samples prior to production of finished samples according to the draft design? If there are, certainly, such as the spine moves color problem does not appear in the front or back cover and spine joints. As another example, if you try and print their own suppliers too? Some of the more complex convex pattern you might consider making the direct guidance of laser engraving templates, proofing and inspection, and then handed over to the stencil printing vendor, so you can easily get very confident of the effect you want.